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Product Offerings

  • Aircraft Air-Conditioning Ducting

    Chase’s AS38386-specification ground support ducting for flight line ECUs and polyalphaolefin (PAO) cooling carts is made from thermoplastic rubber in full compliance and with and exceeding AS38386. This gives it an operating temperature range from -60F to +275F and operating pressures exceeding 6 psi. All ducts are 100% pressure tested with measured leakage well below specification thresholds. Our goal is to air condition the aircraft, not the environment.

    The standard insulation package is spirally welded to the AS38386 U-value of 0.75 Btu/h/ft2/°F. But enhanced, insulation packages, with U-values to 0.3 Btu/h/ft2/°F, are available upon request.

    Any of the following couplings are available for use with Chase ground support flight line ducting: 64C1004 & 1005; AS38386/1-01, -02 & -03; AS38386/2-01, -02 & -03; AS7365/1 & /2; MS16051.A black, mil spec, extruded vinyl wear strip is standard.

    A variety of complimentary components are also available including enhanced couplings to prevent O-ring blow out, “Y” couplings, improved reducers (8” to 4”), high strength, high torque band clamps, protective insulation blankets and cooling couplings that assure mechanical interlocking of the ducting to the aircraft, especially under high pressure, high flow applications.

  • ECU/Shelter Ducting

    Chase’s ducting for ECUs is made from PVC laminated to woven polyester. The operating temperature ranges from -40F to +275F. While available un-insulated, we can insulate this duct to extremely high-efficient levels. Higher insulated ducts allow for more energy efficient ECUs, which, we believe, will be driven by future requirements.

    Typically, we cuff this duct in any of the following methods: Velcro; zipper; hose clamp; belt & buckle; stainless steel twist-locks; 64C1004 & 1005, and; AS38388/1 & /2. We make have made a variety of elbows, wyes, “Ts” and other complimentary components.

  • Heater Ducting

    The current military specifications for heaters typically dictate the need for AS7365 compliant heater ducts, but that spec is inadequate when it comes to meeting the performance requirements of fuel fired heaters. While we meet the requirements of AS7365, we also offer ducting that far exceeds the performance of AS7365. Where standard ducting (12” or 6”) may have to be replaced on an annual basis due to cracking or brittlement, we have ducting that has been in use in these applications in excess of 4 years. We would welcome to discussions on how to reduce your life cycle costs.

  • Dehumidification Ducting

    Providing dry air to valuable military equipment helps prevent corrosion of critical components and reduce maintenance costs. One of the simple ways to do this is through cheap, un-insulated ducting, but it has to survive long-term UV and environmental conditions and that is where we excel.

  • Anti-Static Ducting

    Occasionally we are asked to provide ducting that has to meet anti-static requirements. We currently supply a variety of different weight anti-static fabrics that meet different requirements. We welcome discussing your needs to see if we can offer you an acceptable duct.

  • Complimentary Components

    - O-rings that conform to AS38386 specifications

    - Improved male and female couplings that make mating of the couplings easy WITHOUT TOOLS and prevent O-ring blowout that is prevalent at pressures exceeding 5 psi.

    - Clamps that are high torque, high strength with minimal worm-gear slots to minimize leakage

    - Wyes that allow for split use of ducting to multiple aircraft

    - Robust Reducers (8” to 4”)

    - Insulation blankets for protection and added insulation of couplings and reducers.

    - Cooling couplings that connect 4” ducting to the aircraft, both friction and mechanical locking designs.

  • Chase Military Ducting is available from 4 to 48 inches in diameter, in lengths up to 50 feet. The performance-coated & laminated fabrics our ducting is made from include PVC, thermoplastic rubber, silicone, hypalon, neoprene, urethane and polyethylene, among others.
  • Our product is manufactured for use with any-manufacture Environmental Control Unit (ECU), any-manufacture fuel-fired or resistance heater, and any-manufacture flight line cooling cart. Chase Military Ducting is fully fire retardant, and is treated to resist mildew, ozone and abrasion. Made and qualified to AS38386, AS7365 and other specifications.
  • Available in various colors, included, but not limited to: DLA 459 Desert Tan; FS24052 Green; FS23538 Safety Yellow; FS24084 Dark Olive Drab & RAL 6031 NATO Green.
  • Chase Military Ducting is insulated in the traditional pitched configuration or in the new, high efficiency, configuration exceeding coefficient of heat transfer values of 0.75 BTU/FT2/H/F. Our insulation thickness ranges up to one inch.
  • Available with couplings that connect it to virtually anything in the military: Stainless Steel J-lock & Set pin; 64C1004 & 64C1005, AS38386/1-01, -02 & -03; AS38386/2-01, -02 & -03; AS7365/1 & /2; MS16051, and a connector that mates with the Joint Strike Fighter high pressure air inlet. Velcro, zipper, and the tried-and-true hose clamp or belt & buckle are also available.
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