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Chase Supply, Inc.

Chase Diving - Professional Equipment and Systems

Product Offerings

  • Divex

    Divex is recognized as a global industry leader in the design, supply and manufacture of diving and subsea equipment for the international market including: saturation diving systems, recompression chambers, defense rebreathers, communication products and more.

  • BARE

    A complete line of diving accessories, including made-to-measure custom drysuits

  • Atomic Aquatics

    Innovative diving equipment of the highest caliber. Lightweight alloy and mixed gas compatible scuba regulators and computers.

  • Zeagle Systems

    A complex line of buoyancy compensators, scuba regulators, and diving products.

  • Stahlsac

    Quality scuba diving and other adventurous bags and luggage. Stahlsac is a major O.E.M. source for companies around the world.

  • CRYE Associates

    A textile driven company that creates truly innovative products; Manufacturer of new lightweight, free-swimming enhanced protection dive suit. .

  • Submersible Systems

    Compact, lightweight and reliable self-contained breathing apparatuses designed for short-term out-of-air emergencies.

  • Subsalve

    Innovatively engineered inflatables since 1977. Offering a standard line of underwater lift bags ranging from 25 - 77,000 lbs. lift capacity

  • Tescom

    Complete line of system regulators, manifolds and flow control components

  • Chase Filter and Components

    Top of the line filters for virtually any application; specializing in high pressure Tee, In-line, and Mini filters for oxygen, air and hydraulics.

  • UTC

    An expert team of scientists, engineers and experienced divers joining forces to develop breakthrough digital underwater communications technology.

    New specialized UTC products and systems commercially available now

  • Supply a variety of quality diving equipment, underwater systems, and specialty components from companies that are the best in their fields.
  • Deliver finished specialty equipment directly to the customer via light manufacturing, product kitting, and final assembly/test.
  • Interface with government labs, program managers, and other manufactures to design, test and certify specialized undersea equipment and systems.
  • Consult on diving systems and equipment, TTPs, technical manuals, training, and logistic support; finding the right solutions and/or designs to support Military and Special Operations Force undersea requirements.
  • Annual audits for ISO 9001 Quality Compliance, meeting all DOD requirements for Deep Submergence Systems (DSS) Level 2.
  • Conform to MIL-STD-1330/MIL-STD-1622 cleaning requirements and Military Standard Packaging.
  • Experienced professionals who pride ourselves on customer service, on-time deliveries, and doing things right.
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